7 Best Photo Sticker Maker Apps For iPhone & Android - Add Objects To Photos

 Whether you're looking to add a little bit of fun to your photos or you want to create a professional-looking image, you can do so with a photo sticker maker app. With these apps, you can add text, stickers, and other objects to your photos to create unique and eye-catching images. In this blog post, we'll round up the best photo sticker maker apps for iPhone and Android.

Here are 7 of the best photo sticker maker apps, for both iPhone and Android, that you can use to make your photos look even better.

Best Photo Sticker Apps For iPhone & Android

1. PicsArt Editor With Sticker Maker Tool For iPhone & Android Smartphone

PicsArt Editor is a powerful tool that can be used to create beautiful stickers for your photos. With this tool, you can easily add text, shapes, and even images to your photos to make them more unique and interesting. You can also use the PicsArt Editor to create custom stickers for your business or personal use.

(a).PicsArt Editor is a powerful photo editor with a sticker maker tool. With this tool, you can easily create custom stickers for your photos.

(b). The sticker maker tool lets you choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to create your own unique stickers.

(c). You can also use the sticker maker tool to create text stickers. Simply type in the text you want to use and the tool will create a sticker for you.

(d).PicsArt Editor also provides a wide range of photo editing features. With these features, you can easily edit your photos and use retouching tools for professional effects.

(e). PicsArt Editor app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

PicsArt is a widely used photo editing app with over 500 million monthly active users. The app offers a variety of tools for editing photos, including a wide range of stickers.

PicsArt offers a wide range of stickers, including stickers for faces, animals, food, and more. You can also use the app to create custom stickers. To use the PicsArt sticker tools, simply select the sticker you want to use and then drag it onto your photo. You can resize and rotate the sticker as needed. You can also layer multiple stickers on top of each other to create unique effects.

So whether you're looking to add a little bit of flair to your photos or you want to completely transform, you can use its sticker tool. It contains thousands of photo stickers. One of the best photo sticker apps for iPhone & Android phone users.

2. Sticker.ly - Best Funny WhatsApp Photo Sticker Maker App For iPhone & Android

With Sticker.ly, you can create funny WhatsApp photo stickers and share them with your friends. This app has many features that make it the best choice for making stickers. For example, you can use the built-in camera to take photos of your friends or use the photo library to select photos from your camera roll.

Not only can you make stickers from photos, but you can also add text to them. This is perfect for memes or creating messages that will make your friends laugh. You can also choose from a variety of fonts and colors to make your stickers stand out.

Sticker.ly also lets you share your stickers with others. You can send them through WhatsApp or save them to your camera roll to share later. You can also create your own photo stickers & apply them to interested pictures. 

Animated stickers are a fun way to communicate with friends and family, and with WhatsApp and Telegram, you can easily share them. With our new Auto Cut technology, you can now create your own animated stickers from photos, and with our vast collection of funny stickers, you're sure to find the perfect ones for every occasion. 

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3. Photo Sticker Maker App By Stickify For Android :-

The Sticker Maker App For Android is a great way to create custom stickers for your Android device. With this app, you can create stickers of any size, shape, or color. You can also add text or images to your stickers. The app also allows you to share your stickers with others.

The Sticker Creator for WhatsApp allows you to organize your stickers, create animated stickers from GIFs and videos, erase image backgrounds, add text to stickers, and more.

4. Sticker Maker Studio For WhatsApp (iPhone/Android) :-

One of the most downloaded photo sticker maker apps for smartphone users. It has been downloaded on 100 million+ devices. With the help of this sticker maker app, you can animate your own photo sticker. 

Creating your own sticker packs from WhatsApp is easy and fun. You can use memes, or your own photos, any photo from your phone will work.

Follow these four easy steps to make sticker packs for your pet, your girlfriend, your family, or your friends:

(i). First select a name for your pack.

(ii). Add your photo sticker to the pack, and cut them with your finger.

(iii). Now your sticker is ready,

(iv) Apply photo sticker to your picture and show your creativity to your friends.

5. Thug Life Stickers Maker App For Android:-

If you're looking for a way to add some flair to your photos, then you need to check out Thug Life Photo Sticker Maker. This app allows you to add all sorts of stickers to your photos, including gang signs, bling, and more. You can also add text to your photos to create custom memes or caption your photos.

The Thug Life Photo Sticker Maker app is the perfect way to add fun stickers to your photos. With this app, you can easily add stickers to your photos to make them look more stylish. The app comes with a variety of different sticker designs, so you can find the perfect one for your photo. You can also customize the size and placement of the stickers to create the perfect look.

Thug Life Stickers (Pics Editor, Photo Maker, Meme) provides users with several features that allow them to create "Thug Life" photos with stickers, make memes, use the camera for making MLG, Doritos, glasses, hats, and memes, and access a best editor for memes, tattoos, faces, masks, funny beards, hairdos, game tags, picture accessories, and more.

6. YouCam Selfie Camera App With Live Photo Stickers For iPhone & Android :-

The app includes live fun photo stickers that can be placed easily while taking selfie photos.

It is a very useful fun photo sticker app that lets you add funny stickers to your photos. You can also beautify your selfie photos with stylish photo frames, layouts, themes, backgrounds, and photo effects.

This app contains realistic funny face filters that can turn your face into funny faces with the animal face effects tool. It is a very funny live photo sticker app for iPhone & Android smartphone users.

Adding live stickers and effects to your photos and videos is a great way to make them more fun and personal. You can also add text to videos to tell jokes or give friends a shout out. Selfie effects for your camera roll are also a lot of fun.

7. Line Camera App With Live Photo Stickers For iPhone & Android :-

The Line Camera app is a photo editor that gives users a variety of features to choose from. With Line Camera, users can edit their photos with filters, frames, and stickers. They can also add text to their photos and even create collages.

Line Camera also offers a variety of sharing options, so users can share their edited photos with their friends and family. And if they want to keep their edited photos private, they can do so with the app's privacy settings.

So if you're looking for a photo editor with a lot of features, Line Camera is a great option.


After trying out all seven of these apps, we can confidently say that these are the best photo sticker maker apps available for iPhone and Android. All of the apps are easy to use and offer a wide variety of stickers, including emojis, filters, and frames. So what are you waiting for? Download your favorite app and start adding stickers to your photos.