The 5 Best Graphic Designing Apps That Every Designer Should Have On Windows PC Or macOS

If you're a designer, though, there are a few apps that you should definitely have on your Windows PC or macOS. In this blog post, we'll take a look at the five best graphic design apps for designers

Graphic design is a creative process that involves the use of visual elements to communicate ideas. Graphic designers use a variety of tools to create visual solutions to communication problems. 

In this page, you can also view video tutorials of the listed graphic designing software. 

There are a variety of graphic design software that can be used to create stunning designs. Here, we will list the five best graphic design software for Windows and macOS that every designer should have.

Best Graphic Designing Apps For Windows PC & macOS

1. Befunkys's Free Graphic Designer Online Tool

Befunky's Graphic Designer is a powerful online design tool that enables users to create stunning visual graphics. Its online graphic design tools, pre-designed templates, and easy drag-and-drop interface will help to make your vision a reality. With a huge selection of fonts and vector graphics, you can create professional banners, flyers, and posters for any occasion.

Its easy-to-use graphic design tools and pre-designed templates help you unleash your creativity. With Befunky Banner Maker, you can create beautiful and professional banners easily and quickly.

 With its Flyer Maker, you can make your flyers stand out with unique vector graphics and a wide selection of fonts. And with its Poster Maker tool, you can design captivating posters for any event effortlessly. 

Whether you're an experienced designer or a complete novice, Befunky's Graphic Designer is the perfect tool for creating stunning visuals.

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2. Canva- The Best Graphic Designing Tools For Windows PC, macOS and Mobile

Canva is a user-friendly graphic design tool that is perfect for creating professional designs for your business. With Canva, you can easily create flyers, posters, social media graphics, and more. Plus, Canva offers a library of free templates and tools to help you get started.

Here are some of the features that make Canva a great tool for business owners:

- User-friendly interface: Canva is designed to be easy to use, even for those with no prior graphic design experience.

- Free templates and resources: Canva offers a library of free templates, photos, and icons to help you get started.

- Built-in tools: Canva provides all the tools you need to create professional designs, including a text editor, image editor, and color palette.

- Drag-and-drop interface

Canva is a user-friendly graphic designing tool that is beloved by many professionals for its ability to create high-quality visuals quickly and easily. Canva is used by everyone from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, and it offers a wide range of features to its users.

Some of Canva's most popular features include its templates, which allow users to create professional-looking designs without starting from scratch, and its drag-and-drop interface, which makes Canva easy to use even for those with no prior graphic design experience. Canva also offers a wide range of built-in images, fonts, and other design elements, which users can customize to suit their needs.

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3. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom - Powerful Photo Editor For Graphic Designers

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a powerful photo-editing software that can help you transform your photos into works of art. With Lightroom, you can easily adjust the exposure, white balance, and color of your photos. You can also add special effects, crop and rotate your photos, and more.

Whether you're a professional photographer or a casual photo enthusiast, Lightroom is a great tool to have in your arsenal. In this article, we'll take a look at three of Lightroom's most popular features.

A). The Develop Module

The develop module is where you do most of your photo editing in Lightroom. You can use the sliders to adjust things like exposure, shadows, whites, blacks, and clarity. You can also crop and rotate your photos, remove blemishes, and add vignettes. If you're new to Lightroom, the develop module might seem a bit overwhelming at first. But don't worry - it's actually quite simple once you get the hang of it.

B). The Library Module

The library module is where you manage all of your photos in Lightroom. You can import photos from your camera or computer, create collections, add keywords, and rate your photos. The library module is also where you'll find the tools for creating slideshows and printing your photos.

C). The Map Module

The map module is a great way to see where all of your photos were taken. Just enable location data on your camera or phone, and Lightroom will automatically geotag your photos. 

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4. Adobe Illustrator Draw - Powerful Designing App For Graphic Designers

Adobe Illustrator Draw is a powerful vector drawing app that lets you create art wherever you are. With a simple and intuitive interface, Draw is easy to use even for beginners. And with its wide range of features, you can create just about anything you can imagine.

Very powerful vector drawing app that lets you create intricate designs, logos, illustrations, and more. With its easy-to-use interface and wide range of tools, Adobe Illustrator Draw is a great option for both beginners and experts alike.

Adobe Illustrator Draw offers a variety of features that make it a great tool for creating vector graphics. Some of these features include:

- A wide range of drawing tools: With a variety of pencils, pens, brushes, and more, you can create detailed vector graphics with Adobe Illustrator Draw.

- Layers: Adobe Illustrator Draw lets you work with layers, so you can easily add, remove, and rearrange elements in your design.

- Multiple art boards: With multiple art boards, you can create multiple versions of your design in one file. It has many useful features that allow users to create high-quality visuals, including:

- A user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and use

- A wide selection of templates and assets to choose from

- A range of editing tools that allow users to customize their visuals

- A library of high-quality stock photos and images

- The ability to share visuals with others for feedback and collaboration

5. Affinity Graphic Designer- Best Tool For Graphic Designer

Affinity graphic designing software is a great tool for creative designers. It offers a wide range of features and is very user-friendly. Affinity Photo Editor is available for both Mac and PC. It is a great choice for both beginners and professionals. 

The benefits of using an affiliate photo editing software are many and varied. For example, if you are a graphic designer, you can use the software to create your watermark. This is a great way to protect your work and to make sure that you are credited for your creations. You can also use the software to create custom graphics and logos. And, of course, you can use the software to edit photos.

There are a number of different photo editing software programs on the market, so it is important to choose one that is right for you. Make sure to read reviews and compare features before you make your final decision. Once you have found the perfect software for your needs, you will be able to take your photography to the next level.

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In conclusion, the 5 best graphic design apps for designers are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Befunky's Free Designer Tool, Affinity Designer, and Canva. Each app has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it's important to choose the one that best fits your needs. 

If you're just getting started in graphic design, Photoshop and Illustrator are good places to start. If you want to try free software, then you should choose Canva or Befunky's online graphic designing tool.

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